domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Let's BLOG in english

This time I just thought writing in english would attract more visitors to my blog. So for those of you that haven´t read me yet, this is my CAD Engineer Blog. Its all about Mechanics Engineer, CAD & Desing and some other related themes such as Product Lifecylce Management... But this time I want to write about desing cool things and how to put them into market, not an easy task for many of us, but nice would be to see our own creations in stores and bought by million consumers, sounds great... don´t you think!.
There are mainly two types of ideas, the ones that we all propose about some personal need (maybe at home), and try to implement by doing some kind of prototype with all kind of old things we find at the garbage or attic. These ideas may or may not be useful or practical, most of them just last a couple of weeks due to its quality or materials, and suddenly, all of them are "dead". The second type of ideas, are those ideas people care about doing it the right way, that means, doing some research, skechtes and drawings, maybe 3D models, validation, a good marketing and of course... invest. At the end, its all about of belief and patience to bring something to real life.
I recently discovered a very nice website called Its a community of designers and very creative people. Here one can upload ideas and the community will participate on selecting the best ones and improving some desing and manufacturing issues. Branding and marketing topics are covered here as well. Quirky is already partnered with very big and important companies in the US, which will help to retail winner ideas and cash back for the idea's author and the community.
Here I want to share my first posted idea at Quirky. I called it the HEXA-GRIP, and it is a confortable gripper to carry up to 6 big soda bottles at once. Although it didn't make it through the curation and evaluation process, it was very inspiring for me to keep working in developing more ideas.

There are plenty of good sources of desing ideas and concepts on the web. One of my favorites is This site is more about Industrial & Artistic Design where authors show very nice ideas and concepts that really impact viewers and free our minds to think obout some surrealistic places and things we might live in or have.
So for all CAD Desingners or simply for all of you that like cool things and get impressed easily with simply and genius ideas, I invite you to open your mind and look forward to create something. It doesn't really matters if you get rich selling a nice product, what really matters is to use our creativity and search how to make our lives simple, easier and practical. A good idea should be shared and somehow it will become a mass product available for consumers. 
Do you really think this is a good product or just a cool idea:

Big step on the design process is to get through the manufacturing process. Modeling, protototyping, analisis, tooling and produce any piece of design, could really kill the a project. Therefore, planning this shoulb be major priority on avery design process. Without planning no production phase could ever be done, is that simple.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a state of the art strategy and solution to bring products to life. Managing all workflows, team members, departments, documents, and any other item involved on avery product and project process are already covered by PLM solutions, converting Collaboration in one of the biggest assets any company has.
Whenever people think about designing things, there should always be space for a good team of expers on each phase of the process in order to bring ideas into market.

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